Limited Availability for Next year. Book your date today!

Limited Availability for Next year. Book your date today!

I’m an upbeat, goofy, hard working, wife, mom, wedding photographer and business owner who loves making others smile. Given the chance, I turn into that mom who loves to talk about her kids and how smart and amazing they are!  

Head Photographer & Owner of ElaBee Cine-Photography

pamela bentick

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My Motto:  Keep it super simple (because I tend to overcomplicate things!)

My values: Aside from family meaning everything to me...integrity, encouraging, and serving others are truly my number one priorities.


I love people. I love seeing their faces light up with joy and laughter. And knowing that I had any part in making someone's dream become a reality accomplishes everything that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I was made to do. 

If you don’t know, then you should know that photographers and videographers affect your entire wedding experience and can even affect the rest of your life for good or for bad. And from images to video, from albums to wall art and even our client for life service I plan to affect your life in the best way possible! And who’ll maybe even get some travel discounts and other special surprises that are exclusive to The Hive. Click that more button to find out what it looks like to be an ElaBee Bride! 

we are going to fall in love


Oh, my favorite part...the prelude to your forever story! This is the MOST important part of your experience because it’s where it all starts and where you learn how to get comfortable in front of my camera.

When planning for your engagement shoot, finding just any professional won’t do. Finding the right team who can pull out your personalities and bring your love story to life is invaluable! And because ElaBee couples are not only so stylish that they belong in a magazine, but they are fun, outgoing and insanely in love, making my team and I the right choice!

this is only the beginning


Without video, you simply cannot tell the whole story. It is the chocolate to photography’s peanut butter (which is freaking delicious by the way). The point is, they go hand in hand because there are things that photography simply cannot capture alone. Such as seeing and hearing your promises to one another, the sentiments of family and friends, and seeing all your moves on the dance floor!

To put it simply, the truth, the excitement, and the story of your love are portrayed through the cinematic film we create! 

capture your day in motion


- Brionna

The image quality was amazing!! Thanks for making our day awesome and capturing special moments that we can share with our family and friends!

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